The Beginning

Here I am, beginning a new degree in Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University. My name is Oliver Evans and this is my blog of my progress through the course, I will try and narrate fluently as i attend workshops, seminars and lectures each week to allow you to follow my progress through the course highlighting my successes and failures as i complete the projects given to me.

I will try and blog in a specific style, namely; giving the blog a subject i.e Website planning and writing about what happened on that day or summarise the past few days as best I can, this will include highlights and things i have learnt during the workshops, seminars and lectures as well as problems I encounter during the process of completing the course. I will also write about things i plan to do in the future and learn to aid me in the process of completing each of the projects i am set.

My previous education background includes attending Farnborough Sixth Form College where i studied Mathematics, Physics, Graphic Products and Applied I.C.T during the first year and Physics, Graphic Products, Applied I.C.T and Media studies in the second year.

This is my first blog post of the year and after this post I will begin the proper blogs which actually tell you about the course, meaning less rambling about my past; and more about the present and future, which is what will be the most interesting stuff hopefully. Advanced apologies for any weird language or references, i’ll try my best to keep it work related.


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