Bristol Zoo – Mini Brief Concept 1

Bristol Zoo - Mini Brief Concept 1

Here we go!
My first concept brief has been announced, it is to create a concept idea for an interactive exhibition for Bristol Zoo which encompasses their vast library of photos from 170 years of operation.
This brief is both interesting and open to whatever sort of technologies we think would be a good idea to include, this is the sort of brief that both worries and excites me as there are no theoretical or worldly constraints to our solution to the brief.
We have been assigned groups for this brief, these groups are designed for us to share the workload of this project and actively contribute and function collaboratively to produce a good concept that fits the brief and offers a sizeable return for Bristol Zoo as their business is to attract consumers into their Zoo whilst providing a experience they will never forget.
I will try my best to keep you updated with my personal progress as well as our overall progress as a group with small segments of writing with as many pictures as i can manage to make it a little less boring!


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