Bristol Zoo Concept Brief – Week 1 ( 1/2 way through)

Bristol Zoo Concept Brief - Week 1 ( 1/2 way through)

So the picture you see above is that of the initial ideas stage we’ve been working on as a group. We had a group meeting this week to discuss what we planned to create as a concept for the brief.
Due to the brief stating the exhibition must appeal to families we decided initially as a group that we should try and market this exhibition to children with additional features for adults.
Progressing from that idea we came up with an idea harnessing Kinect technologies from Microsoft (seen in the xbox 360 and xbox One consoles) to track the movement of people walking through the exhibition and recreating them as an animals, now this idea seems quite standard at first, what kid wouldn’t want to dance around watching a little lion or tiger instead of themselves? But what we liked about this idea is that we could change the exhibition to allow children to personalise it to give their animal a name or certain characteristics, I know its all quite farfetched but it is plausible at least! What made this idea especially interesting was the option to make the journey the public take through this exhibition some sort of little lifecycle; meaning as the child enters the exhibition the animal begins its life whilst tracking the child and grows up into adulthood and eventually comes to the end of its life just as the public exit the exhibition, this could be expanded further to the animals giving the children pop-up pieces of information that allow them to learn about their animal as they complete the exhibition.

So far group progress is satisfactory on a scale of terrible to fantastic.. Not that that is the most obvious scale to work out but if your of a more analytical persuasion we’ll go with 4/10, how’s that?

If i were to analyse my own personal performance, I would give myself a good or 7/10, this is because so far i have personally organised the only group meeting so far, although another member set up a Facebook chat. I have actively contributed towards ideas and carried out large amounts of research into new technologies which i believe are relevant to the brief.

Areas of improvement that i would give to myself, like a kind of ‘mirror meeting’ would be to ensure that i allow other members of a group to change the idea to ensure that we fit the overall brief as well as possible. Also, I would tell myself to delve deeper into the crevices of the internet where the very cutting edge technology is found and try and incorporate that into our concept to show we’ve tried our best to add new and upcoming technologies into the exhibition.


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