Bristol Zoo Concept Brief 2nd Week – (2/2)

After two short weeks, the time has come to present our Bristol Zoo concept idea. After a few more group meetings we changed the idea and ultimately arrived at a solution we believe is the best possible idea for a new interactive exhibition.

From my last entry you’ll have gathered we had intended to use Kinect to track the movement of those visiting the exhibition, following the brief set, the new Kinect 2 technology goes steps further than the original in harnessing Biological data from those in its range such as heart rate and muscle use, though it has not been officially released this was to be a base for our concept. So, using this technology combined with another cool bit of technology, the ‘Oculus Rift’ allowed us to explore further into new realms of user experience.

Obviously it would honestly take you all day to read the exact stages and progress of our project up to the final stage, so the final concept we came up with came in two parts. it was virtually impossible to deliver something that would both captivate children and adults due to the indisputable difference in the wants and needs of both groups.

For children – Use a combination of Oculus rift technology and virtual reality to create an experience where they would be taken through Bristol Zoo on a ‘mission’ to save the Zoo and get back to the present time, in other words they would have to answer questions located in different locations around the Zoo by using the ‘Omni treadmill’ to in effect ‘walk around’ the Zoo and once they’d finished the questions they would succeed and be transported back into the present day. Now continuing from our initial Kinect and Kinect 2 idea this is a rather large leap, but we believe that this fit the brief better as it asked for the most ‘cutting edge’ technologies possible, as the Oculus Rift platform is very much still in Beta form and rarely seen by those outside of the Media industry we felt this was suitable.

oculus riftoculus rift omnipad

For adults – So, the kids get the absolute cutting edge stuff, the Oculus Rift is certainly an incredible piece of technology, however, take the oculus rift, with all its weirdness (see image and you’ll get it) looking a bit like fighter pilot headgear and imagine a much more refined, sophisticated, and most of all socially acceptable alternative, I am of course referring to Google Glass. So Google Glass is another new piece of technology that’s leading (or attempting to kickstart at present) a new wave of consumer technology which allows users to constantly communicate through social networking and the internet in a general sense without so much as pressing a button. The idea behind using Google Glass was to enable adults to have an information filled tour of Bristol Zoo, we will achieve this by using a combination of GPS tracking and Virtual Reality to allow the public to see what Bristol Zoo would have looked like in the past years, this both fits the brief by taking full advantage of the large archive of photos Bristol Zoo has to offer and it in effect takes it a step further by re-creating complete parts of the Zoo using GPS and Virtual Reality when adults reach certain points.

Google glassbristolzoopng


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