Concept Brief 2 – Fire Kills

Another day, another Mini brief.. Our new task is to design a campaign and visual theme based on the brand image ‘Fire Kills’, a campaign brought about by the English government to help people ensure they stay safe inside their homes through the informative campaign which aims to educate people on the various fire risks presented by household appliances.

The groups for the Bristol Zoo project (previous Brief – please take a look at my earlier blogs for all the information on that) have been re-sorted to ensure that in this key stage of the course we are all able to form relationships with each member of the group we are in at Bournemouth university. I personally am very glad that this system has been put in place as it gives everyone in our group an opportunity to assess and get a sufficient grasp of what its actually like to work with the people we’re going to be spending the next 3-4 years with! i feel I have performed well so far in the concept brief projects as in the Bristol Zoo project I took a leading role in the completion of the task. In this concept brief i am taking a different approach, I want to step back slightly from a leadership role where i am most comfortable and take a more sidelined role in this project as I want to ensure i can comfortably work as any member of a group whether it be in leadership or background work.

Moving on swiftly.. Back to the brief, group meetings are scheduled for this week and next week, in these meetings I hope we can form an idea which will satisfy the brief.

To quickly re-cap on the presentation for the Bristol Zoo project, i am extremely happy with the way our group presented the concept (perhaps you’ll remember my cheeky scale of terrible to tremendous), in those terms its a comfortable excellent, or 9/10 for those mathematicians.

fire kills logo good quality


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