Photoshop <3

Currently, I understand this blog looks pretty bad. The only things on it at the moment are details about my mini-briefs set with each having two week deadlines, so there’s not a lot i can say about those, though I’ll do my best.

What really interests me is the design part of the course, where your asked to design maybe a website for a DJ or a Photographer, where you can actually put your skills to the test, this is what i thrive on, learning on the job. While studying my first year of Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University, we are also given tutorials on software we’ll be using heavily throughout the course, this includes the standard Adobe stuff, Photoshop, Dreamweaver along with a few code languages we’ll cover in the future, e.g. HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Javascript.. Exciting stuff! So in this first photoshop tutorial I can honestly say my mind was blown, I say this in such an emphatic manner because all I’d really attempted on Photoshop was photo editing (photography is another passion of mine – Photos will arrive on this space shortly) as well as a bit of creation using shape tools, but to an extremely basic level, shamefully basic! Well today, that changed. Take a look, I’ll explain it after you gaze upon its wonder.


So, finished? i get you probably have not idea why i’m rather excited by this, well, if you think about it, the image above is something you’d actually see on a google image search of say ‘Digital Art’ or ‘Fire Art’ which I think is a HUGE step for me personally, as its opened my mind not to the possibilities of photoshop, as i was aware of what an incredible piece of software it was, but it drew what I saw as something which I thought could only be achieved by professionals who spend half their life on these sort of designs to me and showed me it was possible for me, Oli, to create this awesome stuff!

From this i can say that i am pleased with my current progress in this course, personal evaluation is key as it has showed me that to succeed in a course like this the best course of action to pursue is to independently ensure that my work rate remains high and that i use free time as much as possible for extra experimentation with software like photoshop as it will no doubt aid me in the future. In the future i plan to delve deeper into Photoshop and i also want to become more experimental with my photography edits, I might begin adding creations into the photos and using multiple photos to add layers and definition as well as emphasis to parts of a shot to enhance it.

I have done some of this before, take this image for example, this is what I want to do more of.



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