Fire Kills Concept Brief – My plan failed. Hard.

Just by the title and hopefully from my last post you’ll understand my plan to take a step back from the Fire Kills brief failed, it was unfortunate that the group i was assigned this time weren’t exactly raring to go from the off, they were all more than happy for me to pretty much do all of the work for this one, which although frustrating at least enabled me to complete the project to the standard I deemed appropriate, I’ll obviously link you at this point, so you can make your own call on that one, but be kind, I’m only a fresher, I’ll improve!

What i like about our overall campaign (before going any further, please follow the link and take a look, if you don’t reading this will be less than useless) is that we took quite an un-original idea, which was to pretty much use a direct mode of address to draw the public in and we gave it the Digital Media student kick with new technology that made it an incredibly interesting proposition, at least in my opinion, I’d be lying to say I’m unbiased, its my project..

So, what we did was use the technology of transparent displays, an idea seen recently at various technology exhibitions (ok so when i say recently what i mean is CES 2012) to make a bus shelter into an interactive hub where members of the public would be addressed by talking digital firemen as they walked past the bus stop, now the members of the public walking past would be tracked using technology similar to the Kinect technology by Microsoft and the fireman would be able to look and respond to most of their movements, so if they stopped and looked at him, he could look straight back and stop his motion to, pretty cool huh? It doesn’t stop there, future developments include the use of holograms to have 3d firemen walking along the pavement alongside you as if they were really there, personally I’d have a lot of trouble ignoring that, and that is how we draw people in to the display inside the bus shelter which will contain an info graphic presentation giving them useful information and advice on how to protect themselves and the appliances in their house from the risk of fire.

One thing I can definitely say I am proud of is this –

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 16.13.10

This is a little photoshop exercise i decided to do as a background to the Prezi presentation we created to present our concept idea to the Fire Kills brief. It involved using multiple layers with some images of fire to blend them with the text you see. I love the way the flames wrap around the text, they both clearly signify the way fire moves around objects as well as emphasise the text by using visual prompts, in this case, actual flames.


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