Amazon Prime Air – One word. Really?


Another thing about me, I love new technology, i live for it quite honestly, call it sad, but I am doing a course at University about Digital Media so i think this sort of thing is fairly standard amongst those in the field.

What i’m going to talk about quickly (hopefully..) is Amazon Prime Air, a new form of parcel delivery from the giants – Amazon which promises to deliver parcels at a rather astonishing ’30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles’. So at this point you’ve probably gone one of two ways.. Either you can hardly focus your eyes through tears of joy at the prospect of this or you’ve already dismissed it as this is reality, not fiction. Before you go just hang on a minute, so although at first a million different problems come into your head like ‘What if there’s high winds?’ or ‘Won’t people just knock it out of the sky?’ well although its a new concept, think of the first time people said you could pay for goods online, you were probably pretty apprehensive at first, ‘Why would I  think about giving my banking details to the World Wide Web’ you may have thought, well since then, advances in security and availability of this service has brought about a global shift to e-commerce from a more traditional shopping approach using stores in cites or shopping centres. What if the revolution of machines delivering our parcels is upon us? Isn’t that an interesting thought? Given that technology is advancing faster and faster these days the shift from humans to machines delivering our parcels could come about faster than we know it, no doubt with solutions to the problems I suggested at the beginning of this post.

Personally I think its amazing, sure it puts some people out of a job, but my vision is for a world where mind-numbing, monotonous, programmable tasks like delivering parcels can be handed over to an electronic system, leaving us able to concentrate on the development of future technology.


Amazon corporation, 2013, Amazon Prime Air, Amazon USA, Available from:


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