Essay.. AHH

Today we were given something interesting by our tutor, an essay! I can’r say i haven’t had warning but here we go, the theme is for it to be a Diagnostic essay which allows us to choose two key concepts from the lectures we are currently attending, what makes University immediately different is the fact that the work is meant to be much more independent, something which can come across as quite frightening to someone who hasn’t had experience of this level of independence in work but as time goes by the penny dropped that I need to get used to a professional environment where I will be expected to pursue projects independently.

Back to the essay.. So I sadly can’t say I’m particularly confident at this stage, however I feel that if I look over the power points of the lectures we’ve been having on the key concepts i will feel much more comfortable selecting two concepts to use to attempt this essay. So far, I’ve found the lectures interesting this semester, the lecturers often try and use examples and anecdotes to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of their message and ideas.


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