Yuletide – LIVE Brief ‘I beg your pardon?!’

A curveball has been thrown to us freshers studying Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University. So our tutor announced the third of three mini-brief assignments we were receiving as part of a ‘get to know your classmates’ activity, though this was to be an interesting announcement, the use of the word ‘Live’ had never been and will never be so profound compared to that very occasion. Hearts stopped, temperatures rose, pants were soiled (not really but the tension was certainly there).

Though I’m not actually allowed to give a huge amount of detail on the project itself as obviously the client wants the information confidential until its unveil, I can say that we’re creating an interesting Digital marketing concept with the theme of Yuletide, meaning Christmas and New Year, personally I’m looking forward to working on this brief as finally its as if those who i’m working with really want to partake in the project and win as there is a cheeky cash prize incentive for the winning group. I say this because in the briefs previous to this I often found people were less engaged in completing a concept idea that was really ‘outstanding’ as it didn’t really mean anything as they were not formally marked by our tutors, however now what with a live client, all systems go!

In previous posts, i said i wanted to take a more laid-back approach to group projects, but please, don’t get the wrong impression of laid-back, when i say it I mean, if anything, become more of a team player, this is a problem I have, I often am comfortable leading and doing all of the work without being able to actively delegate tasks and trust other members of the group, this is incredibly demeaning to the members of my group as I need to recognise that they are similarly if not more skilled than I am in completing the task set, therefore in this brief I will try my best to contribute towards the group rather than run it.

To highlight a positive part of my performance I could take a different angle on my leadership stance in briefs and say i am pleased that I have engaged as much as possible with all of the briefs and successfully played a role in delivering the presentation of our briefs, for which I was given positive feedback from members of the groups I was assigned as well as teaching staff.


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