Becoming a Code linguist

Website design is a massive part of the Digital Media Design course at Bournemouth University, a lot of Digital Media is in itself based on the internet, what with it being the largest largest network of communication. 

Although I have some experience of HTML I am now learning HTML 5 which is slightly (frustratingly) different, meaning I often get caught out by subtle changes in the code. I also have some slight CSS experience but this is only negligible so i pretty much started from scratch, I found learning Javascript to be fairly easy, with some help from Google however PHP was a totally different story. To try and describe the tutorial we had could be compared to trying to teach Cows English, it is a very interesting yet surprisingly difficult language to learn it seems, the tutorial we had involved using PHP to give elements names as well as input certain values which would be assigned to certain inputs, in all fairness this was a lot more complex than the HTML stuff where we made blue boxes and gave them a position and a margin but i still have to say PHP will require some serious time to really get to grips with it. 


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