One term of Digital Media Design (Or Semester as we’re apparently going all American) Thoughts

I’ve been here in Bournemouth for a few months now, after this period i feel a reflection is due. I can whole heartedly say i’ve enjoyed the course, very much, and i can say that i believe I am studying the right subject. This is to both the relief of myself and my parents. i feel my eyes have really been opened to Media in the past few months and instead of being more of a bystander, watching stories unfold without really giving them much thought, I am now engaging in debates and actively pursuing interests that have developed during my own study for essays and group projects.

The area of Bournemouth is particularly appealing to me, i say this because i come from a fairly small town, embarrassingly if i mention it the first thing that comes to anyones mind is the popular service station on the M3 Motorway where it is situated (its ‘Fleet’ incase you were actually interested). The fact that Bournemouth is very much a student town makes it rather different from my old home, which i like, and it come across to me as an up-and-coming area, one which oozes creativity and futurism, due to Bournemouth University being a University centred around the Media industry i feel that my course fits in with the trend and that employability prospects in media in Bournemouth will be high once i gain my qualification and begin looking for a job. 

To summarise my own performance is also important, strengths, weaknesses and complete failures all must be given the limelight so i can improve. I feel my overall attitude towards the work i have been set has been good and i often was filled with genuine excitement when i was introduced to new software and elements during workshops as well as new ideas during seminars, saying this i feel next semester i need to concentrate more on consolidation and further reading around areas that interest me as well as areas that would benefit my understanding of the particular concept, this would allow me to earn higher grades in assessments and have a deeper understanding of what i study which will be important when i have to use my acquired skills in a professional working environment. To be extremely critical, I would say that i was partly swept away by the newness of my surroundings (like anyone would be when moving to a new place for the first time) so this semester can definitely be written off as ‘settling in’. Unfortunately, the 4am bedtimes and naps during the day from tiredness have to stop.. With a bit of luck the guys living in the flat opposite us with the DJ speakers will blow the fuse or get kicked out from noise complaints (just kidding but one day i will have to set off a stink bomb and shove it under their door).


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