What’s next?

I do plan to keep going with this blogging stuff, actually quite enjoying it, after reading technology blogs for YEARS its great to form and write about my own opinion on the happenings in the Media and Technology industry. I’m going for weekly posts, with the odd random one thrown in if i think its genuinely worth mentioning!

At the moment the current work i have on the go for Uni is a second essay – this one on the line ‘all media is digital media’ requiring us to form our own argument supporting this, on the upside its easier to fit all that argument into 2500 words rather than the ridiculous 1000 word limit we had in our last essay. Also, we have a website to create, I’ll post on that when i can to, small updates, that kind of thing, perhaps some previews for a bit of feedback, as that would be incredibly helpful, it is an e-portfolio though, so no judging the colour scheme. Also, this blog was actually set as a task by Uni, up until now our task was to make regular entries showing our progress with the work we’d been given and to give us a chance to show our skills in personal analysis, though its finished, like i said, the blogging will continue!

Merry Christmas


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