New Brief – Channel Brief.. Finally, some more media!

So today we received another brief, this marks the start of a significantly longer journey in a project than I am used to so far in this course, its quite a shock to suddenly receive a 6 week project which involved participating in a group, I’ve worked in this way before but the projects previous to this which involved working in a group where the final mark did not go towards the unit, this project is 60, yes 60% of one of 6 units in the course.

The brief this time wants us to focus on an more forms of media than websites which has been our focus since November, i’m quite surprised by this brief in respect of the lack of training we’ve currently had using editing software as well as video cameras, however we’ve been notified by teaching staff that we’ll be given a range of tutorials on various types of editing software including, Adobe Premier Pro which is a professional piece of software used by many professionals in the industry, this will no doubt take me a lot more time than just a few tutorials but it will be good to get a foothold of this software just so I don’t crash my system when I try and use it..

Personally I’m looking forward to starting this brief, after doing an essay over the ¬†winter period I’m eager to get back into practical work as this is where I excel.

Also, apologies for slacking with the posts, they will resume from now on with the various things I get up to, stay tuned!


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