One Day Brief – Create a professional logo in a day – Challenging

We were given warning of a ‘one day brief’ several weeks before it came up, and as a student you can probably imagine the preparation I was able to do for it, this being none. On the tuesday morning of the one day brief we were told that the task was to come up with a logo design which would reflect our brand positively and effectively. I spoke about our idea for the type of company we are looking to set up, but for those of you who haven’t had chance to read it I’ll quickly re-iterate the idea. (anyone who did read the last post you may as well skip this bit unless you literally have nothing else to do than read this blog)

The brief stated that we needed to create a brand taking the form of an online television channel which would give consumers an insight into the future which we were allowed to openly speculate on which would promote one of five areas given to us, as a group we met up to discuss this and decided to focus on travel (because well the other areas such as environment, architecture and politics we found quite hard to speculate on as it wasn’t a particular interest of the majority of the group) therefore travel was the only viable option for us to take.

Back to the one day brief, throughout the day as significant amount of ‘umming and ahing’ occurred as we went through idea after idea, as the day went on i was left with more and more respect for those who design logo’s as a living as it turns out it’s something which seems simple but is very difficult in practise as the final logo you come up with must (without being too cliche here) speak a thousand words in the way that the logo must be a clear way of the consumer seeing at a snapshot what the company is all about.

I found this brief challenging as i had not had a long time to use the vector software we used to create the logo, this being Adobe Illustrator. I naively thought as i’d learnt how to successfully use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks to a good standard  using Adobe Illustrator would be a walk in the park, i was very wrong in this, despite going through a few tutorials on the software i couldn’t have been more wrong about the whole thing, this hindered progress however as a solution to this I turned my attention to contributing ideas to the members of my group who were more able with this software and i gave my thoughts and opinions on possible designs which they then produced using the software, this shows my adaptability in projects, a skill which I think is very important in the professional industry as its important to understand even in the professional industry idea do not always go to plan, which is why those working in it must be adaptable to overcome problems and find quick solutions which ensure time is used efficiently.


Above is the logo we arrived with after the day of banging our heads against a wall trying to find a way of making a future travel channel a ‘simple’ professional, effective logo. Personally I like the wording we have used for the logo, I feel the word ‘Momentum’ personifies the journey technology has taken and how we don’t often start from scratch in new technology instead we take what we like from previous forms of technology and combine them in a different way, therefore as time has gone on ‘Momentum’ has gathered.


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