Channel Brief – Week 3 – We should probably get started now

Hi there, welcome to my life, I’m currently working on a brief set by Bournemouth University as a fresher student on the course – Digital Media Design, this is a little progress blog I’d like to share with you.

So far we’ve completed the logo for the channel, this is not good progress for a project thats a few weeks in, on the upside after meetings to discuss the videos we’re going to produce we now have storyboards which have been produced by a member of the group, from these storyboards we can progress with the filming of the videos which will take place next week. Overall I am still more than happy with progress as recently this has not been the only assignment we’ve been working on so now that other work is now out of the way meaning more time can now be devoted to this project. i feel in a professional environment time management would have been sorted to a better standard however due to the fact that this is one of the first group projects we’ve had, especially one of this magnitude i would say we’ve managed meetings and work well up to this point in the project. Improvements which I think could be incorporated into this project would be to improve communication in the group, by doing this and responding faster to the questions raised by members we would be able to work more efficiently.

To summarise my own performance so far in this brief I would say I have worked well during the first part of this project, often I have made sure meetings have been scheduled and members of the group are aware of the work they should be doing, I personally view myself as a leader, my way of completing group tasks has been one of leadership from the start and i believe this shows professionalism and a good work ethic as I am always keen to get a project underway as to try and achieve the highest mark possible.

To suggest an improvement to my performance I would say I should ensure I allow the ideas and pursuits of others regarding ideas to be thought through more as often I find I am quick to dismiss the ideas of others when in fact the ideas they present are valid and fitting to the brief. By not allowing ideas to work through it can hinder the progress of drafting somewhat and it may cause our group work to be less efficient which would result in us spending more time on the project unnecessarily.


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