Logo Development – Taking on Feedback

The one day brief set for us was yesterday, it was quite a tough day but also fun in a challenging sort of way, from the feedback we received from lecturers who viewed our logo they commented that it was unclear as to how to logo fitted with the travel aspect of our channel, as well as this due to the lack of time we’d had to complete the logo the idea we arrived at would not overlay well onto video and was potentially difficult to read, therefore we completely abandoned it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 03.56.35

After some time brainstorming, including a few late nights staring at hundreds of logos to find some inspiration (that little click in your head that alerts you of a great idea, you know the one?’) until we thought more deeply about the meaning of the logo. This got us thinking about symbols of time because by using a symbol of just time it would be able to reflect any product we show in relation to the future of technology. From this we came up with a new name – TimeFrame News, which incorporated ‘time’ referencing the futuristic nature of the channel accompanied by ‘frame’ which when put with time immediately shows the idea of the channel which is to show new technology to the world and bring it into a different time frame.


Personally, I am pleased greatly by this change as it was not only my view but the view of the group that the logo did not fully and professionally support the theme of our channel and I believe that an effective logo is one of the keys to success in a company.


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