Channel Brief – Filming! Very nearly a catastrophe.

Today we spent the day filming in the green screen room, this was the second day of two we spent filming in here and its safe to say I’ve gone slightly insane being in a large, windowless and sometimes what feels like airless cubby-hole.

So far filming has gone to plan, apart from the initial problems of having to complete endless forms of health and safety things which pretty much disallow you from doing all but breathing in the room I also had to do a fair bit of legwork to ensure the risk assessment forms were up to a good enough standard for Bournemouth University to comfortably know that they’re covered should we so much as stub our toe on a table leg.

The idea behind using the green screen for this project is to fake the effect of the futuristic travel methods we’d proposed to do videos on, the toughest of these being, portal travel, where (excuse me here but I’m about to speculate on what a portal is made of for the sake of those who have literally no idea what I’m talking about) what i would guess would be a human sized, egg shaped passage from one place on the planet to another featuring interesting wavy designs as to show movement, as well as Hoverboard travel (which you could argue is slightly less ridiculously farfetched) where using (again with the speculation) strong superconductive magnets in the board (similar size and shape of a skateboard) and the road surface allow the user to ‘hover’ above the ground and effortlessly glide along.

Another reason for using the green screen room was to film the introductory clips of each video. As we had decided on creating a future travel news channel to fit the brief we felt it would look most believable and professional to film a ‘news room’ in the green screen room and super-impose a background image of a professional news room behind those in the shot presenting the introductory clip to show the audience the purpose of the channel immediately from stereotypical visual aids.

As we gained all of the shots we needed inside our allotted green screen room time I am very pleased with the progress we are currently making. General improvements may be ensuring my personal work ethic remains strong to ensure we stay on task when filming but this is a minor improvement and overall I felt the group worked well together.

Below are some images of our endeavours.


IMG_6061 IMG_6057 IMG_6064 IMG_6066


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