The Presentation! Final thoughts on the Channel Brief

The Presentation! Final thoughts on the Channel Brief

Today was the day of the presentation, safe to say we’d had our fair share of technical difficulties with this one. My personal role in the project was to design the website which would be home to the videos we’ve made for this project, I feel I’ve completed this brief to a good standard, to comment positively on my contribution towards this project i would say I have played a key role in the development of the project and my work is visible evident throughout the final website and videos created to form the online channel we have created, I acted in several of the videos as well as designed the appearance of the website, though at this stage its hard to know how the website and acting was received the immediate feedback gained by the lecturers in the presentation seemed positive which was a good initial implication, as well as this there were no negative comments from members of the seminar group which was another positive sign but in all seriousness we all know that when we get to group presentations the audience usually just looks at you awkwardly as everyone can feel your pain of having to present in the first place.

Improvements I feel I can make towards my own performance in the completion of this project would be to engage more readily with new software as it will no doubt come in handy when it comes to completing the actual brief, this isn’t to say that I don’t engage with software I just often struggle to adopt new software as sometimes I find myself quite happy with the software i’m using when in fact by learning new software productivity and efficiency can be greatly increased.

This marks the end of the blogging about the Channel Brief, overall its been an incredibly eye-opening experience, please feel free to read some other posts to find out about filming as well as my progress at different times in this brief, if it doesn’t take your fancy there’s a few more about CPU’s, Amazon Prime and Photoshop, take a look 🙂


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