Some of the most full on and interesting 2 hour periods of my life.


So as part of the Digital Media Design course we have seminars in which we do the majority of our practical learning, I think it’s quite important here to highlight the difference between a lecture and a seminar. A lecture is defined as ‘an educational talk to an audience, especially one of students in a university’ (The Free Dictionary, Farlex, 2014), the way that this is worded as well as my own experiences of both show lectures to be talks, not discussions lead by a lecturer to educate an audience (yes I’ve kind of just repeated the definition there bear with me), this is where it differs from a seminar. A seminar is described as ‘a conference or meeting for discussion or training’ (The Free DIctionary, Farlex, 2014), the word discussion stands out here, where a lecture is a talk a seminar is a discussion, moreover a collective session with a group of individuals trying to work towards a common goal, in our case, on Tuesday 19th February, this was to be using the terminal software to simplify complex commands such as compressing 1000 pictures into more manageable files for a database site or editing a webpage on a through using the network protocol SSH (Secure Shell).

To sum this up for you in a single sentence my mind was completely blown by this and as a Digital Media student I thought I knew a fair amount about this stuff.

In the seminar today we looked at software found on Macintosh computers called  ‘Terminal’, this software allows users to control the underpinnings of the system they are using. I found this to be incredibly interesting as I have an interest of the inner workings of software and systems, not only that but I have watched my fair share of Spy films in my time and this stuff was simply too cool to pass off, I mean, by the end of the two hours in this room I could walk out saying ‘I can hack a mac’. This is the sort of thing that you can’t help but want a bit of. This is the stuff that gets you genuinely excited about code. This is the type of seminar I hope to be able to write about again as being a great success.


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The Free Dictionary, Farlex, 2014, Seminar – Definition of Seminar [Online]. Farlex. Available from: [Accessed on 19th February 2014]


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