Mini Brief 2 – Photography – See More

Today our second mini brief was announced as part of our animation project, this was to be based around Photography, an aspect of animation. The task is to create our names (or the complete alphabet) out of random objects we come across in everyday life, though the idea behind this wasn’t fully explained (or possibly my memory has failed me). I believe we are doing this to open our eyes up to seeing more than the face of an object but to explore how objects can in fact represent many things, it’s incredibly easy to miss things like this in everyday life and it presents an interesting prospect to us as Digital Media Designers, this could even shape my website design in the future.

My thoughts on how I will carry out the task at hand involve me seizing the opportunity to finally use my love for photography to complete a project meaning I plan on shooting today as my mind is certainly racing with ideas for how to best show alphabet letters in object form. Problems I can see myself facing during this project would be that some letters will be particularly difficult (e.g. Z, Q, K amongst others) as there definitely isn’t many objects shaped in that way that I can think of off the top of my head) therefore it will be important to try and look around as much as possible for inspiration on how to create these letters, also one more issue may be stopping myself from cheating by creating the letters myself or using road signs to heavily as these could very easily shape my entire project and I don’t believe this will come across like I’ve really put 100% into the project and looked further into alternative meanings of everyday objects if I just go to a roundabout and capture all of the road signs, it’s basically chickening out really, seeing as I’m paying to be on this course at the best media university in England it would be very unwise to waste this opportunity.

I’ll do a little update part of the way through on how I’m doing but as you can imagine it’ll probably just be a small segment on the frustration of trying to locate a ‘Z’ shaped object.


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