Website.. Next steps, inspiration, frustration, motivation..

I have found as this Digital Media Design course has progressed my original interest in web design has increased exponentially! Especially with the one of the briefs we are currently working towaerds involves designing our own e-portfolio to show to future employers as a way of marketing our skills. Saying this one thing I’ve found incredibly difficult when building my own site is to manage my own expectations and work with the many limitations I have with being a fairly new web designer, this has thwarted the production stage of building the website as I have found too often that I have set my own sights too high and have made them un-achievable for myself which has led to personal dissatisfaction and disappointment which in turn has stopped progress in my work regularly while I re-group my ideas and change them accordingly.

What I’m really trying to say is – I don’t like accepting that my website won’t be like those I’ve gazed upon tearfully upon during the research stage/ and even now in my project as I don’t have the practise and skill in HTML, CSS, Javascript and other languages used to make the visually stunning websites I’ve seen since the beginning of my research.

In this post I thought I’d show you a website that made my jaw hit the floor, I’ll give a bit of an insight into why I think they’re effective and why I would want a site like that.

Brightmedia –

A small web design company based in Poland. What they’ve created in their site is nothing short than an audio visual masterpiece in my eyes. Using a black grid like background shows the rawness of the fact that they work at the very backbones of the design of sites, this could also emulate the ‘ground up’ process of their projects for clients as they obviously start with a blank canvas when they are given a new project. Then there’s the colour aura that they use as an animation which fades in and out upon users scrolling,  to me this looks like the northern lights and they way it fades in definitely represents that. The northern lights are one of the great wonders of the world and I have no doubt that this was some if not all of the inspiration of this, the effect is stunning and does an excellent job of showing movement as the user scrolls down the page. A diamond shaped pattern is used in the grid form I mentioned previously, this links to the designs on top of the grid well, showing excellent attention to detail by those in Brightmedia who created the site as the whole design works well as one, the diamond shaped grid fits in well with the elements on each page and I personally haven’t seen many websites to break the mould of a more rectangular design, this site really distances itself from websites I’ve seen and creates a lasting image in the mind of the visitor, like myself, which is why I felt I needed to write about this site. Furthermore, the music used in the site is calm and elegant, this is so effective because it creates calm in the visitor, encouraging them to take more time to look around the site and take in the design rather than just read the words, in my site I definitely want to try including some audible element as I’ve seen in this site how effective it can be.

Here’s a link to the site so you can check it out:


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