So I cheated – Mini Brief 2 – Photography

So I cheated - Mini Brief 2 - Photography

Yes, your probably not happy with the picture but seriously, someone upload a picture of a Z shaped object (that’s actually clear!?) and I’ll eat my camera. Progress so far has been excellent, other than a few slightly cheaty shots I can safely say many letters I was able to really impress with (in my opinion) as they’re objects that are quite well recognised but it’s only in a project like this that you realise that they in fact make a very clear letter. Furthermore, considering I’ve only had a day so far to find these letters and taking into account that I’m a student with no transport other than Bournemouth and Poole buses I’ve done myself proud to get this far, though had it not been for my love of photography I’d definitely have cheated a lot more with the shots, bearing in mind it’s February in England which is Winter it became a bit of a mission to be out for more than a few hours (whilst remaining able to operate a camera) and stay positive that around the next corner there will be a ‘B’ shaped object waiting.

Improvements and weaknesses in my own performance would simply be a lack of willpower in that during the day it’s been tough at points to stay focused on looking deeper into the objects around me without getting distracted by the warmth of a Starbucks hot chocolate..
This hasn’t really hindered my project in a major way, I remain optimistic that I will finish this!


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