Mini-brief – Photography – Part 3 – Photoshop annihilates my system.. but the collage lives!


Above is the finished piece of each letter of the alphabet through random objects found in Bournemouth and Poole. To create the collage I used photoshop (fairly standard) and put all the images together with small white spaces between them to help you distinguish them, if anyone is doing anything similar with large photo files in a collage together I would recommend you collate JPEG or PNG files, I (without realising) found my system slow down significantly while collating the images due to the fact that I was putting PSD files together, making the overall file size 600MB in size whilst using 8gb of RAM (which was the maximum I dedicated to Photoshop having previously only got up to 3GB with large photo editing, be warned people!). After giving my system a little break I added in a little tile with my name on it just to fill the space as the 26 lettered alphabet was a very awkward number to present. You could say I was inspired partly by Windows 8 in my presentation, I’ll devote another post to this but this ‘flat’ appearance and navigation is definitely taking over.

Back to the brief, I like the way it sort of made me retrain my brain in that I’m not used to looking beyond objects in everyday life what with being too busy just getting from one place to another, it was nice to actually be tasked to take in my surroundings for a change, I found it refreshing, as a keen photographer this project was always going to be a favourite of mine, there’s nothing like being able to take a stroll by the harbour on a beautiful winter’s day knowing that I was ‘working’ at the same time, bonus.

Evaluating my own performance in this brief is difficult, as mentioned I love photography already so therefore any project in that area was always going to sit well with me, thus I completed it inside a day (well I got the shots in a day, photoshop work the next) so I would have to say my performance was excellent. To improve my performance I would have liked to be able to spend more time on this project, due to other deadlines and the short (2 day) deadline I was given for this project I felt as though I could have been much more experimental with the objects I chose to represent letters, this is only a minor improvement though, to name another I would criticize my own project in that I cheated on a few letters which I found particularly difficult but again what with the timeframe I’m happy I was able to represent them in unique ways (well, most of them, ignore P and Q..)

In the mean time I’m still working on my website, this is proving to be a headache which I often give up and refuse to look at for several days through shear frustration, I’ll put a post up about progress soon though.

P.S – Click on the picture and zoom in, due to all of the pictures in it being 16MP each you can zoom right into each one, take a look!


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