Mini Brief – Photography – Final thoughts – Outcome – Future Development

Having recently finished the photography brief set I felt it necessary to reflect on the project and briefly discuss final thoughts with regards to the outcome of my project as well as discuss where I will take this project in the future as we’re encouraged to actively pursue one of the mini-briefs we partake in as part of the animation project we are currently working on.

So without further a do, as seen in my last post I found the photography brief incredibly interesting and I was really captivated by the idea of seeing more than just an object when walking around the area I currently live in, as said in the first post I felt this brief was designed to allow us to actively engage in the environment in which we live and train our eyes to spot more than just a lamppost or chair but to spot the way the form of the object can be interpreted as several things to different people. On reflection, as a photographer I believe this brief has achieved just that, before I had little interest in general objects around where I live but now I see more than just an object in them and I’ve found its really progressed my photography, now I’m using everyday situations to create interesting shots which I myself would not previously have seen thanks to this brief.

I will be progressing with this brief, if you hadn’t already guessed. I love photography and am keen to expand my horizons by doing a lot more street shooting, as well as this I’ve found a love for creating shots out of standard, everyday buildings to create visually appealing shots which will hopefully spark an interest in those who see my photos. As well as this I plan to carry on looking for patterns and ‘things inside of things’ (for want of a better way of putting it), so far I’ve found this to have really set alight my passion for photography and I’ve been able to find more shots in Poole, a fairly standard suburban town where I am currently living due partly to this brief.

My thoughts as to the outcome of the mini-brief are positive, to give myself a performance mark out of 10 I would give myself a 9 as I was incredibly willing to find the entire alphabet despite only being tasked to do the minimum which was to create my name out of objects. The reason why this is a 9 is because I feel I was slightly lazy when it came to some of the more complex letters, ideally I would have wanted to find a ‘Z’ or a ‘Q’ out of something more interesting than rope but both the time deficit and weather were rather un-co-operative the day I went out to shoot, meaning I wanted to go home early in short, as my hands were about to drop off!

In the future I also plan to update the image with all letters on it as I find more interesting examples of different letters.


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