Mini Brief – Visual Abstractions – Which means what exactly?!

Mini Brief - Visual Abstractions - Which means what exactly?!

Today we were given a mini-brief based upon early animation. This brief tasked us to produce a series of animations in Adobe Flash which somewhat mimic the way animations worked in the early days, this being very abstract pieces often involving a movement of shapes and lines in random orders using different colours to add to the abstract nature of the animation.
I’ve included a link to what sort of animations we’re looking at here:

My initial ideas are to work with a more ‘optical illusion’ type theme for this brief as I have an interest in optical illusions and I feel the style in which they are portrayed fits the brief well, furthermore this will also enable me to create a clear theme for my series which will show continuity in my project.
Animations are to be atleast 15 seconds long and they are required to have sound, this is an interesting twist to the brief as it adds another level to the viewing experience as the user will be able to take in information both audibly and visually heightening their experience of watching my visual abstractions.
Initial ideas for the sounds included in the abstractions are.. well.. abstract. Due to the nature of the project its hard to comment on which sounds to use as I haven’t begun creating the visual abstractions.
I will post regular updates on here to show you how I’m progressing through this brief including problems and successes I’ve encountered.


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