Mini Brief – Visual Abstraction – I’m think having a seizure



Above is a snapshot of a frame of a visual abstraction I’m working on right now. From researching various visual abstractions on Youtube and Vimeo I believe my interpretation of the brief is relatively sound. I have used strongly contrasting colours and simple plain shapes, in this case a square to ensure that the animation is not primarily about how it looks aesthetically but how the shapes change and move frame by frame, I believe this was what designers creating early visual abstractions were trying to get across, in modern times an animation is seen as a way of changing or manipulating an object, where the object is the focal point and users pay attention to only the object where visual abstractions were created to show the user that its about the movement and abstraction of what they see which is the focus (not quite sure how well I’m getting my thoughts across here).

At present I’m finding the process of creating these visual abstractions incredibly laborious, this is due to having to change and move the shapes I’m using frame-by-frame, which is a very intensive process, and, at times, rather boring because I’m essentially moving the same thing a bit to the left or reducing the size of it by an inch at a time which makes me feel a connection between the work I’m doing and the work that went into early animations, although I’m using much faster technology to create my abstractions I still feel some of what designers back in the time of early visual abstractions must have felt when they created animations, I take my hat off to those individuals.


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