Mini Brief – Visual Abstraction – Hours of work – 15 seconds of footage



Here is the final result of the project to create a series of visual abstractions, due to the length of time it took me to create these abstractions I chose to do a series of 3 animations, by clicking on the animations an external link should give you access to the sound clips I created for the visual abstractions, I used the software Audacity to create the sounds behind the abstractions, although not the industry standard music creation software it was a step up from ‘Garageband’ – a popular music creation tool available on Apple computers.

To describe each animation one animation consists of a variety of rectangles, I used rectangles due to the fact that they were a simple, repeatable shape which I could use in a pattern similar to the other shapes to create interesting and complex optical animations to immerse the user, at points the animation shrinks in size and grows and at others colours move between the gaps created by the pattern of shapes, all of which combine together to make a complex visual abstraction. The second animation uses a pentagon shape pattern to achieve the same sort of effect as seen in the first animation, as this is a series it was an aim of mine to keep certain features of each animation and have them running through all of the animations, in this series I chose to have an part of each animation where it reduces and increases in size, linking them together. The pentagon shape also incorporates some new animation effects, seen where the colours run into each fifth of the pentagon and it appears to rotate, again increasing the users immersion in the abstraction. The final animation uses circles in the same pattern seem in the pentagon and rectangle shapes, using a variety of colours as well as the reduce and increase in size effect explained previously.

My thoughts on the outcome of the abstractions is mixed – I say this because I personally don’t feel they tie in well enough with the brief’s instruction to create visual abstractions similar to early visual abstractions. I say this because although visually appealing my animations look more like they belong in Hollywood than in a 1950’s short film, this is because I have used perhaps too much solid colour in my pieces, as well as this I feel I have created animations which are too complex and which are at the risk of looking too ‘well made’ seeing as the abstractions are designed to mimic a time in which any animation would take hours of time to produce, I simply feel I’ve got too carried away with the potential of flash and forgotten the real idea behind this project.

To evaluate my personal performance throughout this project has been adequate, I say  this because I had difficulty staying motivated with this task as, as much as I enjoy watching animations I feel that this is not an area I feel as passionate about when compared to another mini-brief such as the photography brief.


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