Mini Brief – Flash Animation – Visual Abstractions – Final Thoughts, Reflections, Future Work

After having finished the Visual Abstraction part of this project it’s time to take a moment to reflect upon the work I have produced in this mini brief. Overall I feel although the animations I created we’re visually appealing they did not suit the brief as well as they could have, this is because of the complexity of my animations, as well as the colours used. Improvements I can make to these animations would be to soften the colours and perhaps add some sort of filter onto the animations to make them look more authentic and of the time they are made to mimic (this being the 1950’s when early animation and visual abstraction formed).

We were challenged to continue working on a mini-brief we took an interest in, this would help us begin the process of refining our field into a more specific job type as in our second year of studying at Bournemouth University I will be beginning to choose what I study as a continuation of the refining and specialising process. After completing this brief I can safely say I will not be pursuing animation from this mini-brief, this is because I have interests elsewhere with other mini-briefs which I plan to pursue.


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