Dorset Independence Project – Week 1 Ideas and Feedback – ‘So not everyone likes squirrels wearing crowns!?’ (TO BE FINISHED)

As a response to the first lecture we had on the the Dorset Independence project we were given just 15 minutes to come up with an idea, as stated in the last post the poster we were making to encourage people to vote for an Independent Dorset should try and define ‘Dorsetness’.

From this we began searching as fast as possible for various visual clues as to what was specific to Dorset which would aid us in producing a poster to effectively market the county as a strong, independent part of England capable of being independent from the country and benefitting its occupants by doing so.

Our research involved quickly looking through google images by searching relevant terms such as ‘Dorset’ ‘Dorset landscape’ ‘Dorset villages’ ‘Dorset cities’ ‘Dorset county view’ and ‘Dorset aerial view’ as well as google searching terms like ‘Dorset history’ and ‘Defining features of Dorset’ to try and narrow down our ideas to form an idea. Due to the lack of time we had to do so we worked as a group to take notes and share better ideas with the group.

The idea we formulated involved creating a hill representing the landscape of Dorset, upon which stood a castle (which we in our naivety thought was the same thing as a hill fort) upon which a red squirrel stood (red squirrels being almost extinct apart from on Brownsea Island which lies in the county of Dorset) wearing a crown (this was meant to be an element connoting power and authority however in our feedback we learnt it just looked strange and peculiar to see an animal seemingly being all powerful ruling over Dorset).

Here is our initial idea, drawn as fast as possible!



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