Photographic Work

As a keen photographer I definitely tried to make the most of the Summer by going away and out to places of interest, one of which involved travelling over 7,000 miles to Thailand. Bearing in mind this was my first time in Asia I was absolutely surrounded by photographic opportunities throughout the trip.

The trip was split into two sections, in 28 days, half were spent volunteering for a Christian Outreach centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city in the north of the country whilst the second leg of the journey consisted of island hopping around the south coast of the country before finishing the journey in Bangkok, the capital city.

My overall aim of the trip wasn’t exactly to focus on photography, especially for the first leg of the journey as I was a volunteer helping to provide schools for children and build churches for residents without access to a centre of faith. I did however being the enthusiastic photographer I am manage to find and take some great shots of just about everything, equalling a mind blowing 10,000 shots once I returned to England, not fantastic news for my computer as I shot exclusively RAW for the entire trip. I found that during the trip I’d try and capture as much as I could that I found interesting, later, when I’d returned home I realised what a mistake I had made here, as great as it is to have captured so much of a beautiful country I’d forgotten about the work I’d given myself afterwards (not only is it now over 2 months since I got back, I still have roughly 2000 photos to thoroughly sort through, not ideal as I am now back studying at University meaning I have even less time to do so).

Another thing I learnt while on the trip was to accept that if there are things I’d like to photograph it’s not possible to do everything (and in the perfect conditions), this was hard to take at some points as my companions weren’t enthusiast photographers like myself, however it’s definitely an important lesson as the weather conditions (averaging about 80-90% humidity 24/7 made it difficult to be active all day).

Here are a few of my current favourites from the trip –


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