Processing Workshop 3 – “Woah, wow! Wait, what?”

I can honestly say the quote i’ve used in the title sums up the session perfectly, I’m writing this blog on the Tuesday after the session which took place on the Friday and I’m still trying to get my head around it. The issue is here that I was unwell for the previous processing session and despite using the online resources to catch up I found it quite a challenge to keep up with all that was happening in the workshop this week.

The session built upon what we had learnt last week about beginning to make more complex examples of processing, today we learnt how to name a group of values and change them all as a group rather than individually, this is extremely helpful as in the future when the type of products we will be making using processing will be more complex it will allow us to make corrections and edit our code faster. The example we used today was simply named ‘house’, the code for house is shown below:

'House' code - highlighted in yellow.
‘House’ code – highlighted in yellow.

Below is an example of what the final product of the workshop looked like, I found it to be fascinating and it opened my mind to the possibilities that processing offers to the world of digital art.


To make the piece look more like art stroke was taken off to eliminate edges and outlines and the opacity of the rectangles was decreased to 20% which made the way the rectangles overlapped more visually appealing.


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