Dorset Independence Project – Iteration 2 Feedback – Rather glad this is an iterative process!

So we’ve had a week to meet as a group and discuss how to improve our first iteration of our campaign to make Dorset independent. Following on from last week we decided to take only a few details such as the squirrel and hill fort (which we researched further to discover, embarrassingly that our idea of a hill fort last week was in fact a castle and hill forts are designed not to be obvious but to be built into a hill rather than stand on top of it). To try and address last week’s comments of the poster looking too much like a ‘cartoon’ as well as the poster not being appropriate for the whole of Dorset we decided to take more of an approach towards addressing four key cornerstones of what we think makes Dorset, Dorset. After researching the area and looking at photos of Dorset we decided on four main themes which we think addresses the county well.

The themes are:

Water – shown by the boat, Dorset is a coastal county and therefore many of its inhabitants either visit the coast or live near the coast and know it to be a large part of the county, the jurassic coast with it’s popular white cliffs as well as Weymouth’s known heritage for Watersports makes water a key trait of Dorset and shows those who would vote on the independence of Dorset why Dorset would be able to support itself economically.

Nature – Dorset has a large quantity of green spaces due to it being a rural county, places like Corfe Castle define Dorset’s medieval, natural landscape and this is a major draw of the county to visitors and those looking to live in Dorset, therefore this was an essential part of the independence poster as the idea would be to convince people that the county would be better off should it be independent.

Animals (Squirrels) – The famous Dorset red squirrel being almost exclusive to Brownsea island is another thing to add to people’s interpretation of Dorset being a ‘haven’ for animals.

Hill Forts – Hill forts are common in Dorset and are associated with Dorset and show power, this is an important thing to do as it will help convince people that Dorset is able to be independent.

Inspiration for the second Iteration of the Dorset Independence logo
This is one crest I found while researching crests, I like the style and symbols used here and I feel its modern take on an old fashioned crest works well and is suitable for our Independence Project.
Iteration Two - Dorset Independence Poster
The second iteration of our Dorset Independence Poster.

Though it can be said that the inspirational crest seen above was perhaps beyond me to create something so similar in the time we had I feel this iteration of the design process does a far better job of addressing a more complete Dorset and successfully concentrates on positive things about the county to encourage people to vote for Dorset’s independence. To ensure the design actually got the message of Dorset’s independence across we used the slogan ‘navigate your own future’ to fit in with the navigation of seas to tie in with the boat as well as general nature themes such as map reading to fit in with the outdoor lifestyle many adopt when living out in the country. The colour brown was used along with a rugged design to show the ruggedness and hard-wearing nature of Dorset to help get across the message of power and independence to those viewing the poster. A slight colour gradient was used with the symbols to make them look more three-dimensional and professional as audiences typically respond better to more professional looking campaigns as it gives the impression it has more backing and power which makes it immediately more trustworthy for the audience.


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