Processing interactive project inspiration – Torn between ideas

We’re currently in the middle of a processing project which has opened the doors to the world of experimentation, something I as a designer absolutely thrive on. In this project we’re meant to create an interactive exhibition which will be presented in the ‘media school’, the main media building located on the Talbot campus inside Bournemouth University. I’ve been tasked to begin by finding inspiration for an idea which I would try and produce to present by the deadline.

When browsing one of the technology blogs I follow ( I found an article about an artist who used UV paint to promote the new Ferrari California T, I as a very visual guy loved the way the artist managed to draw the attention away from the un-necessary elements of the car, such as the colour and the interior as this is owner customisable by using a dark environment and using the paint to create art from only the exterior aesthetics of the car, in many ways taking sports/super cars back to their roots when technology and gadgetry didn’t rule but instead people bought cars like this purely for how they looked (and drove but lets concentrate on looked for now) which I believe is often forgotten in modern times. I especially loved the way the paint mixed together to create beautiful colours across the car which accentuated the aesthetics of the overall video and made it a true spectacle to watch.

A Look Inside the Art of Form from Ferrari USA on Vimeo.

Another installation I saw a few years ago when trawling Youtube (as one does when one has too much time on the odd occasion) and came across a Nike interactive shop window display that simply tracks the individual as they walk past the window and uses this to levitate multi coloured balls on strings which then catch the eye of the user who notices their direct impact on the display, this also linked in well with the advertising campaign in advertising Nike’s new ‘flyknit’ running shoes with the balls and smooth levitation connoting ease of movement and lightness – the interesting part I found was that when an individual walks past the display they always notice the display, this interactivity is clearly stimulating for the user, I feel if I were to think about using something which also tracks a users movement and links this to real-time changes in the project this would create a successful installation.


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