Dorset Independence Project – Iteration 3 – ‘So, thoughts?’

This is to be the last chance we’ll have to repeat the iterative design process for this project, after taking on the feedback of our last iteration which was that it was ‘too complicated’, ‘hard to read and take in at a glance’ and ‘not colourful enough to gain the attention of the audience over other advertising’ we decided it was appropriate to scrap the crest idea we thought may work for this project. Over the week we researched a number of ideas, a few of which are shown below, the new ideation process involved taking the form of Dorset as a county and making the campaign about creating Dorset as a separate country. Below are some other examples of how this has been effective in advertising for american states, I like the way it defines the state and shows the audience the clearly recognisable shape of the state and makes it relevant by describing the state in this visual way, reminding audiences why it is so great.

Los Angeles Typography Art
This typography based art on Los-Angeles provided inspiration for us when considering Dorset.
Seattle Typography Art
This typography based art on the state of Seattle provided further inspiration for us to create something similar to advertise the county of Dorset.

Following on from this inspiration we began experimenting with the possibility of doing something similar to the designs shown above  but using the shape of the county and filling it in with appropriate words to describe the county, as shown we used key words such as ‘courage’ ‘backbone’ and  ‘unity’ to try and encourage those viewing the poster to take on the idea of Dorset being independent and support it.

The second poster on the right is another iteration during this process where we used the words ‘England’ and ‘Dorset’. England is shown to be fuzzy, this could mean a number of things but our idea was to show the word ‘England’ like we have to show the audience that the country is not clear cut like Dorset and how loose and even weak England comparatively.

One idea we had
One idea we had
A further iteration to the idea
A further iteration to the idea

Although this idea has positives we liked, we decided to improve it further due to the fact that unlike states in America which may have received more publicity meaning people would recognise it more by shape, this was not the case with Dorset, it is not often we view our county’s by shape individually and therefore by only using the above left image of an iteration of the Dorset independence project we felt it would not convey the message clearly enough while providing a solid argument for independent Dorset.

At this point we were happy with the idea with using emotive language however the execution wasn’t right, this was when we moved from using the shape of the county to using ‘Dorset’ as a headline which would be filled with emotive language, this would directly link Dorset with the language we were using to encourage people to support its independence. Examples of the initial designs are below.

Dorset Independence poster draft
This is the initial design of what would be the final iteration of our Dorset Independence poster

Finally, we took this initial idea and created the final design of our Dorset Independence poster campaign, in my opinion when viewed in the right conditions I believe the poster works well, it uses green and dark green to signify the landscape of Dorset and the extensive green spaces in the county, the colours used and the gradient between light green and dark green is meant to show how Dorset is full of public areas which many people enjoy and travel to every year. Green as a colour can also be associated with a green traffic light, this signifies ‘go’ or ‘move’ which not only shows the viewer that this is a positive thing to do but that they should ‘go’ and vote for independence for Dorset, this is key in our campaign as it relies on convincing the public that this is the correct choice to make.

Using the persuasive technique emotive language to create the ‘Dorset’ we have taken a positive approach to promoting this campaign, this approach is designed to encourage people who live in Dorset to think positively about the county they live in to encourage them to think about voting for an independent Dorset which can sustain itself despite being cut off from other parts of England, as well as this by using a filler alternative to block text this creates interest in the name and should draw the audience in to look at the poster.

Here is the final iteration of our poster for this project, of course in reality iterative design could simply keep going round the cycle forever however due to time constraints this is the final design of our poster. In the future or should we have had more time as a group to complete this project we would no doubt have simply taken on more feedback on this iteration of the design and improved it further to be a more effective advertisement for the independence of Dorset.


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