The adoption of digital technologies and platforms has lead to an increase in what theorists such as Jean Baudrillard would call ‘hyperreality’, this simulacrum hints towards a ‘sign’ or ‘person’, to stretch the metaphor,  where the sign’s meaning is then lost or superseded due to the representation of ‘the real thing’  becoming more important than ‘the real thing’. This allows people to build up an online identity due to it’s accessibility and availability to the general public and allow that to shape who they are. Thus then the simulation of an individual has collapsed and brought about ‘hyperrealism’ where the illusion of an object or person is no longer possible because the real object is no longer there; they become the illusion and lose the original.

This idolised celebrity culture we are subject to due to television now acts as what the general public are ‘cultivated’ to believe is normal, where intact these ‘celebrities’ are cocooned in a hyperreality where there is someone to look after or oversee every are of their life.

I feel this concept links well to my project and has made me think more closely about how we are be moulded by the information we are subject to, whether this being those individuals around us or objects. I also feel that my work should aim to show people how branding in particular is shaping their identity and how subconsciously it can be argued that we are all moving towards a ‘hyperrealistic’ society.

Sources –

Baudrillard, J, 1994. Simulcra and Simulation. Michigan, USA: The University of Michigan Press.


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