Processing Project – Dead End

As shown in my previous blog post I have reached a point where I have successfully created the logo board I was aspiring towards, as well as it being able to react to changes in colours picked up by the webcam. From this I want to extend the project and make it so that the webcam values picked up are not simply just given as a ‘tint’ to the logo for it to appear as a block colour.

Tutor assistance example code
Here shown is the code my tutor created to give me an example of how in a basic form processing can be used to take a colour (the example being the green square on the left) and take only the blue value from the colour when splitting it into ‘RGB’ and present that on the right square where the middle square shows the maximum blue value.

From the code shown here although it did take a step towards my final goal of trying to use the values of colour picked up by the webcam to match the colour value with a logo which would be ‘lit up’ in the installation I will present.

After playing with the code written for me by my tutor in an attempt to use the webcam to give me a colour value rather than manually input RGB values I found the example set up I had created gave me this error –

“processing error ** (processing core video:9140): warning **: colorconverter: size 83200 is not a multiple of unit size 80000”

This error had me dumbfounded for a few hours before I made the decision to not progress with trying to take my project to this level, I felt that currently, though I have not achieved the initial goal I’d set for myself in this project the final sketch still achieves what I wanted it to achieve, this being an installation which creates an awareness in audiences of the staggering amount of brands in this world and their impact on society.

From here I plan to move on to testing my project on the screens in Weymouth house for a live audience, this will allow me to observe their reaction and interview them to gauge whether or not they feel the installation has had the effect I had hoped for.


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