Processing Project – Final Testing, time to be a TV student

Having individually tested and rectified any outlying issues with my processing project I presented it on the screens in the Weymouth house foyer. The process of filming was lengthy as I was keen to make sure I placed the installation at the right location in the foyer. As my installation is designed to catch the eye of the audience I wanted to put the installation somewhere where people would walk past most frequently, this both causes the installation to be frequently active as for it to function as intended the webcam requires movement for the ‘tints’ of logos to change, and also this would enable the largest audience to be reached, educating more people (in my personal case) about the permeation of brands and the ‘branded’ culture we have moved into.

The bright colour scheme mixed with the bright furnishings in the foyer of Weymouth house made my installation look even more visually appealing, this is something I had considered when designing my installation, furthermore I feel it also makes the installation looks more co-ordinated with the building as due to the ‘grabPixel’ function picking up random points the installation will adopt the colour scheme of the room it’s in, I feel this gives it added visual appeal which is important to draw in the audience.

I chose to place my installation on the screen facing the front entrance of the Foyer, I did this because there is a large distance for people to walk through allowing them to see the changes in the pixel values and engage with the installation. As well as this around the area in which the webcam will see there is a number of brightly coloured features such as wall, Police phone box (from the TV program ‘Dr Who’), Sully model (from the film ‘Monsters Inc’) all of which provide good contrast for the installation.

Once the installation had been set up I filmed two individuals and asked them a few questions in response to the installation. Here shown below is their response to the installation –

User Testing – Processing Project from Oliver Evans on Vimeo.

Processing Project user testing – Close up response from Oliver Evans on Vimeo.

The videos show the reaction of the audience to the project, as well as gauging how they interact with the installation.

Overall I am pleased with the way it catches the attention of the user, when interviewing the individuals afterwards the comments made reference to the  view that the installation was “creative and immersive”  as well as addressing a “contemporary concept that is always overlooked and consciously missed”. Another individual commented that the installation was “effective” and “futuristic” going on to comment “I also liked the concept that he was portraying which was that everywhere we go we are followed by designer labels/brands which relates to the on going process”, I am impressed at just how much the individuals picked up and then began to think about the permeation of branding in our society, this was exactly what I was looking to achieve; awareness.


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